I offer 1x1 coaching to help women feel at home in their bodies, at peace with food, and joyful in their lives.


inside every woman is a blueprint for ultimate beauty, health, and intuitive power. it's time for yours to be revealed.

Our journey isn't based on diets, restrictions, counting calories, or intense workouts. Rather, we follow pleasure, intuition, and we work to rekindle a deeper connection to the body you call home. 

Instead of a crash diet where you get results as quickly as you lose them, the techniques we cover together will last a lifetime. 

Here are a few of the topics we will explore together:

  • INTUITIVE EATING: How to eat what your body wants, not what your mind wants
  • JOYFUL MOVEMENT: Retraining the mind-body connection to enjoy movement, so it's no longer a chore or a pain
  • PERSONAL SAFETY: The role of safety in your life, including creating and honoring personal boundaries, cultivating your financial garden, and befriending your inner-critic
  • EMOTIONAL HEALING: We emotionally eat for very good reasons, and we examine how your body is trying to protect you through food and work together to heal the emotional wounds hidden under food
  • DEEPER SATISFACTION: Stepping into alignment with your purpose, cultivating meaningful relationships, and finding what truly nourishes you beyond food
  • SEXUALITY: Healing sexual wounds and cultivating safety and freedom to explore and express your desires
  • SELF-EXPRESSION: Finding your true voice and sharing it with the world

I am not currently available for new clients.

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I’ve been working with Allie Dryja consistently for 6 months now and have discovered and claimed so many amazing things about myself in the process. Her approach is empowering, challenging and supportive. The best thing that has come from our work together is that my relationship with my body has completely changed. I now am in love with myself, my body and my life at a level I never thought possible.

With Allie’s help, I’ve discovered and built my own language of love that only my body and I speak together. I’ve released over 30 pounds of excess weight, completely shifted to a new healthy way of eating that suits my body and learned to use my voice to both protect and explore the boundaries of my own needs and desires.

I have 80 more pounds to loose on my journey into health and pleasure. I will continue to cherish Allie’s support through it.

If you’re curious about what your own ‘love affair with yourself’ could look like, contact Allie for a session. I’m so glad I did.
— Laura