Feel Free in Your Body and Your Life (An Invitation)

When I stopped dieting and decided to start listening to my body's wisdom, I discovered so much more than just an ability to eat intuitively.

I discovered that my body's wisdom could also guide me towards jobs, people, and experiences that would bring me satisfaction. I learned that that hunger was not just relegated to food—there is also a hunger of the soul. 

I soon discovered that one of my soul's biggest longings was for freedom. BIG time. I was working 50+ hours a week in Manhattan at a job that didn't nourish my soul. No wonder most days I'd come home and find comfort in takeout food and a bottle of wine just to feel some sense of satisfaction. When I started to hear the whisperings and intuitive hints from my body, I realized I deeply yearned to quit my job and work for myself more than anything. And I wanted to travel. I wanted to be free.

But I didn't know how!

Thanks to incredible support from countless friends, family members, mentors, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and various other capital ventures (including Airbnb... oh I love you, Airbnb), I was able to execute my Freedom Plan. I was able to quit my job and start living the life I knew would nourish me on multiple levels. 

I traveled the world, I met my soulmate, and I contributed to society in a way that filled me up and made me go to sleep proud of myself each night. No longer did I turn to wine and food to fill me up—I was filled in a way I had never been before. And I continue to be to this day. 

I want to share this with you because if you're feeling stuck in your body, you might be feeling stuck in another area of your life. Whether it's your job, your relationship, or another situation—if your soul is longing for freedom, and you don't know how to make that happen, I know someone who can help. 

It took immeasurable support for me to break free and start living the life I do now. Fortunately, my beautiful friend Susan Santoro has created a simple, soulful, and beautifully supportive offering called Your Freedom Plan

I know Susan personally—she is wise, powerful, and crazily clairvoyant. She has an incredible ability to recognize people's unique talents and help them craft a life and business that aligns with their body, mind, and soul. 

What I love about Susan is that despite her international success as a coach and public figure, she still has so much passion for even the very beginners. And I believe that's where her genius really lies—in helping people get their magic moving in ways that impact the world and help them live the life they know they're meant to live. 

Whether you've never even considered being an entrepreneur but something in your soul is telling you now's the time, or you've been been living your own Freedom Plan for a while and you're ready for the next level (or anything in between), I can't recommend Your Freedom Plan enough. 

Your Freedom Plan is for you if:

  • You’re ready to build your confidence around the worth and value of your work
  • You’re ready to stop playing a small game
  • You’re ready to accept the abundance source is offering you daily
  • You’re ready to commit to sharing what’s inside of your soul
  • You’re ready to trust a step by step process that actually works
  • You’re ready to make a bigger, more fulfilling impact
  • You’re ready to design a life of freedom that you love
  • You’re ready to tune into your intuition in each and every business move you make, and let that voice be the louder voice

From Susan:

"Your Freedom Plan is a 10 Week online intensive program for conscious women who are committed to creating their legacy through the service they provide, by doing work they love, and living a life that is truly on purpose." YUM.

Learn more about Your Freedom Plan here, and join me in the next live program starting March 12. And good luck, mama!

Our desires are divine.
Listen to their guidance.
They will lead you home.