Ode To My Belly

This beautiful belly of mine has been one of my biggest teachers.

It's been such a habit for me to try to suck it in, flatten it out, pluck it, sculpt it, hide it, make it something that it's NOT.

It can be a source of shame... I used to be so mean to my belly cause it wouldn't "behave."

Even when I eat "clean," exercise, and do everything "right," my belly is still round. It's always been round, and I think it will always be round. That's just the way my body is. It's healthy, happy, voluptuous, and fertile. My belly is round like the moon.

But there's an insidious part of me that's convinced it's not okay. That my belly needs to be something it's not. And when I do all these "right" things to flatten it out and it doesn't "obey," this part tries to tell me there's something wrong with me.... The way a parent might feel about their child when their child doesn't behave in public.

Children are wild. They are free from the conditioned beliefs that they're not "good" unless they behave and follow orders.

My belly is wild. It refuses to "behave." And for that, I am eternally grateful. What used to be a source of shame has turned into the biggest teacher, reminding me of my wildness. No matter what I do, my body will not conform, and that's awesome. No matter how "clean" I eat, how many sit ups I do, how many miles I run. Good. I don't want to be tame. I want to be free.

And in releasing, relaxing, and rounding my belly in all of it's full moon glory, I am free. And you can be too.

Live wild, loves. And set your beautiful bellies free.