More and more I am realizing that our power as women is rooted in the mystery of menstruation and the moon.

Women, we are not linear. We are cyclical. Like much of nature, we move through phases—as the day moves through morning to midday to night, as the seasons move through fall to winter to spring, so we move through changes and shifts in our energy, insight, and gifts. 

It's truly a miraculous process that links women so deeply with nature, and I truly believe that learning how to work with and harness our menstrual cycles sets us up to be far more powerful, abundant, and satisfied in our lives than many of us imagine possible. 

If you no longer bleed or your body is taking a break from bleeding, I invite you to "work with the moon." This means, focus on each phase of the moon and the attributes associated with it in the information below.

Disclaimer: I'm currently bleeding with the full moon right now, while below, I connect the full moon to ovulation and the new moon to the menstruation because that's what feels most energetically aligned for me on a broad scale... When the moon peaks, our fertility peaks, and when the moon is in darkness, so we enjoy the darkness of rest and bleeding. However, we're not weird or wrong for bleeding outside of that pattern. In fact, women are not constant or static, just like the moon, and we shift and change how we sync with the moon all the time. I've heard it said that bleeding with the full moon means we're more focused on project-making, while bleeding with the new moon occurs when we're more into baby-making. This resonates with me... but it's different for everyone. In no way do I want to insinuate that it's weird or wrong to bleed whenever you bleed! Below is just a general guideline for the energetic pattern of the lunar cycle and our menstruation cycle. But your body's wisdom and nature are far more wise than any guide or system that I or anyone else tells you. Trust your body first.

Ok, here we go: 

Phase 1: Follicular Phase (Lasts about one week. This is the phase immediately after bleeding.)
Moon Phase: Waxing Moon
Archetype: The Maiden
Element: Air
Season: Spring
Time of day: Morning
It's marked by: high energy, spontaneity, playfulness, fun. It's all about beginnings, setting up foundations, putting in the work, getting things moving.
Leverage this phase by working, putting into action the ideas and inspiration that may have come to you from your menstrual and pre-menstrual phases, socialize, exercise, play, go on adventures
Hashtag: #workhardplayhard

Phase 2: Ovulatory Phase (Lasts about 4-5 days) 
Moon Phase: Full moon
Archetype: The Mother
Element: Fire
Season: Summer
Time of day: Noon
It's marked by: sensuality, passion, arousal, socializing, communication. It's all about fertility, celebration, creating, and fullness.
Leverage this phase by saving your challenging conversations or requests for a raise for this time, first dates, speeches, celebrations. We naturally tend to care more about how we look at this time, so it's a great time for photo shoots, as well!
Hashtag: #yolo

Phase 3: Luteal Phase (this phases last about 10 days, and the end of it is commonly known as PMS (aka "patriarchal mindset" ha!)
Moon Phase: Waning Moon
Archetype: The Wild Woman  
Element: Earth
Season: Autumn
Time of day: Afternoon
It's marked by: slower energy, preparing to go inward, more awareness, irritability.
Leverage this phase by cleaning, organizing, spending more time alone, journaling. Exercise with a little less impact, don't engage in as many social activities, cry, dance, sweat, heal.
Hashtag: #sorrynotsorry

Phase 4: Menstrual Phase (this lasts anywhere between 1-8 days for most women)
Moon Phase: The Dark Moon
Archetype: The Crone
Element: Water
Season: Winter
Time of day: Night
It's marked by: low energy, psychic visions, rest, sensitivity, magical power, mystery.
Leverage this phase by staying in and doing as little as possible. Record your dreams at this time, as the veil between this world and the others is thinnest for you. You are most attuned to psychic visions and insights, so this is a great time to ask for guidance on projects, business ideas, or relationship help. THIS phase is where we gather our divine direction. 
Hashtag: #queen

You can read more about these phases and how to leverage the full power of your womanhood in the amazing book by Alisa Vitti called Woman Code.

Where are you right now in your menstrual phase? Again, if you don't know, it's inconsistent, or you don't bleed—work with the moon. 

Wherever you are in your phase—or the moon is in hers—I challenge you to honor that today. If you're bleeding, can you cancel your plans and stay at home? If you're in your follicular phase, maybe take a dance class, go for a run, or get crackin' on your to-do list? If you're ovulating, maybe it's time to have that difficult conversation you've been avoiding. If you're in your luteal phase, perhaps you can organize your closet. 

Post a comment below how you like to honor your phase! I can't wait to hear.