Honor Your Body Challenge Day 5: Self-Touch and Anointing

One of the most powerful ways I have learned how to honor my body and develop a beautiful relationship with it is through self-touch and anointing. 

I was raised in a religious environment where self-pleasure was considered a sin. Where my body was seen as a dangerous, dirty, and shameful place to inhabit. The idea of touching myself and deriving pleasure from it flew in the face of the culture in which I lived. 

As you can imagine, learning how to touch myself and enjoy it has been deeply transformative for me. Not only has it helped me overcome the perpetual sense of shame and guilt I used to feel, self-touch has also helped me understand how my body likes to be touched, which has improved my intimate relationships with others.

Self-touch can feel so delicious, and can help us connect to the sacredness of our body temples. When I get out of the shower, I like to rub oil all over my body with love and tenderness, as if I am massaging a beloved. Periodically throughout the day, I like to anoint my body with oils I've either purchased or blended and blessed myself. I place a dap on my third eye, my womb, my heart—or wherever I feel I need support or love. 

I also love to place a gentle, loving hand on my belly throughout the day to check in with her and see if she has anything to say. I used to berate my belly EVERYDAY and tell her how awful, fat, and ugly she was. Placing a hand on her and listening has been one of the biggest healing practices of my entire life. Have you ever tried this?? It's everything.

Today I challenge you to explore self-touch and anointing. How do you touch yourself? How do you like to be touched? How might you benefit from more self-touch and anointing?

If today's prompt feels edgy, good. That means there's an opportunity for you to grow into a deeper, more loving and shame-free relationship with your beautiful body temple. If you're already comfortable with self-touch, I invite you to explore how your body wants to be touched RIGHT NOW. Our bodies' desires change continuously, and we can always learn something new when we're present and curious with them.