Honor Your Body Challenge Day 3: Intuitive Food Choices

Sometimes it feels like everyone's trying to tell us what to eat these days.

From weight-loss diets, to detox meal plans, to Ayurvedic dosha diets, to blood type diets, etc. There are so many different systems and methods of eating.

Telling people what to eat is literally a multi-billion dollar industry. What a revolution it is to eat intuitively!

Eating intuitively means letting our body tell us what it's hungry for. It relies on the body's wisdom to guide us towards what might be most nutritious, satisfying, and nourishing to our bodies in this moment... even if it flies in the face of the most recent health fad. 

For example, sometimes my body asks for carbs, and GF or Paleo eaters would be horrified by the amount of bread and grains I eat. Seriously. But if it's what my body asks for, my body thanks me with waves of pleasure, satisfaction, and energy for hours.

Please note that an emotional craving is different than your body telling you what it wants to eat. A good way to tell that something is an emotional craving is to see if you're actually belly-hungry. If you're experiencing a mouth-only hunger, or an urgent, immediate need to eat—it's probably emotional. If it's a slow, steady, rumbly, empty, and achy feeling in your belly, it's most likely physical hunger.

Today's challenge is to make intuitive food choices and honor your body's specific requests for food when you're hungry. Here's a process that can help:

1. Wait until you're hungry (your body can't tell you what it needs unless you're at least slightly hungry)
2. Close your eyes, and ask your body to show you what you want. Wait for it. You might get a picture of a pizza or the smell of some broccoli. 
3. Open your eyes and see what you can make or buy that best fits what you saw or smelled. Try to keep it as true to your vision as possible.
4. Avoid opening the fridge or the menu before you do this practice, as you can easily get sidetracked by what you see. 
5. Notice how you feel 30 minutes after you finish eating. If you feel sick or uncomfortable, offer your belly some sweetness and remember for next time. It's all good information! Remember: NO SHAME. 

My favorite thing about this practice is the amount of intense pleasure I get from giving my body the food it asks for. It's nuts. Practically orgasmic. 

Plus, intuitive eating is so deeply honoring to our bodies, in that it fulfills our bodies' request and helps us develop a sweet, respectful bond. 

Post any reflections, challenges, questions, or surprises on Instagram, tag me at @alidryja so I can cheer you on, and use the hashtag #honoryourbodychallenge so we can all learn from each other. 

Way to go!!