Honor Your Body Challenge Day 1: Following What Feels Good

Our bodies' two biggest methods of communication are pleasure and pain.

Pleasure for what supports our life force, health, and vitality, pain for what doesn't.

Now you might ask: "If I just follow my pleasure, I'll eat all day, drink all night, and what's stopping me from going on a drug binge?" Well, the truth is, it doesn't actually feel that good to eat all day and drink all night. It makes us sick. And I've never gone on a drug binge, but I doubt it feels that great afterwards...?

Anyway, my point is this: our bodies show us what's good for us through what feels truly good, and not in a super dramatic or escapism way, but in a subtle, deep, and present way.

Let's test out my theory. Right now, what feels good? The answer is usually very simple. Maybe it's a deeper breath. Maybe laying down for a second. Maybe it's just paying attention to the way the air feels on your skin. Or maybe it's loosening the button on your pants or taking off your bra. Maybe you need some water, some movement, or a hug. What would feel good to YOU??

(Personally, I find that when I'm being really honest with myself, what would feel really good to body is usually free of charge.)

Since this is an Honor your body CHALLENGE, I challenge you to follow whatever feels good today, even if it's inconvenient. And if what would feel good isn't available to you, place a hand on your body, let it know you hear it, and tell it when you will fulfill its desire. 

POSSIBLE ROAD BLOCK: I have struggled with following what feels good (and still do sometimes) because I have harbored a beliefs that:

  1. Feeling good isn't safe
  2. Feeling good is shameful 
  3. I can't feel good until all my work is done
  4. Giving my body permission to feel good will open a pandora's box of other emotions, and I'm not ready to handle that

Go easy on yourself if you carry any of these beliefs... or others. If you find it challenging to follow what feels good, I invite you to get curious with what might be in the way of that, and ask yourself if it's true.

Post any breakthroughs, discoveries, wins, or challenges on your Instagram and Facebook accounts, tag me so I can support you (@alidryja), and use the hashtag #honoryourbodychallenge so we can all learn from each other!

Yay body love!!