Let's Get Uncomfortable

For many of us, life is uncomfortable. 

Especially right now.

Not only do we have busy, hectic lives, heartache in our relationships, fears in our own blossoming, wounds from our past—but also, the world feels really fucked up right now. Weird shit is happening, people are dying, starving, fighting... We're surrounded by all this concrete, buzzing, anger, mania, and confusion. 

It's not an easy time to be alive, to say the least. 

It's tempting to want to numb out right now. For many of us, that means eat. Eating helps to soften the blow, soothe our nervous system, and it tells some part deep inside of us that we're safe, we're okay.

Even if we're not always aware of it, eating helps us cope with the current discomfort of everyday life.

Without a doubt, it's an uncomfortable time to be alive. There are lots of people. The earth's population has almost doubled since I was born. It's getting hotter, the ocean is rising. The water quality and food supply are questionable. I'm not saying this to scare you... Rather, I'm saying it as an invitation to be with what IS so we can move towards what is possible. 

I am a privileged white woman in every sense of the term. I am so lucky and have so many luxuries in this life. And if the planet right now is so uncomfortable for ME, I can't imagine what the billions of other people who are less privileged than I am are experiencing. 

I feel that women like me have been stupefied in the past few millennia. Especially in the past few decades, we have bought into false ideas around perfection, beauty, and love. We have obsessed over our caloric intake, the size of our waist, the way clothes fit over our ass, and which man will save us. We have denied the power and beauty of our blood, and plucked our unsightly hairs in defiance of our abundant garden bodies. We have forgotten our majesty as women in the overwhelmingly stimulating and distracting face of mind-numbing marketing and patriarchal ideals. And it's time we wake up from our stupor. It's time we feel our bodies again—even if it feels SO uncomfortable to be in one. I get it. It hurts. It's yucky. It's fragrant, there is hair in places you don't want it, there are folds and lumps in places you don't want them. And there are feelings. There are so many feelings deep inside that you do NOT want to feel. I get it. And I KNOW in my bones that if we continue to distract ourselves, run away from what is, and continue to obsess over the appearance of our bodies rather than feel the feelings and messages that are yearning for our attention, we will not prevail. The earth will continue to cry. And mayhem will continue to rise. 

I portray myself as a coach who helps women reconnect with their bodies, heal from emotional eating, and learn to love themselves. Yes. But that is only the entry point. What I really do is help women FEEL again so we can remember who we are. So we can reclaim our power as women and wake up to what we are called to do in this life. So we can feel the intense discomfort of the planet, of the people around us, of our own feet hitting the concrete, our own nervous systems zapping after hours of screen time, our own digestive systems aching after consuming nutrient-stripped food. Only then can we know what we actually want. Only then can we start building a world that feels okay.

When we are willing feel our pain, our bodies can give us guidance on the solution. 

We are here in this life because we are part of the transition team to make the earth a more livable, balanced place. For all of us. But first we must feel the discomfort and be honest with ourselves about it. We can't fix a problem unless we're willing to be with it. And something tells me that the solution begins with US—women. That there's something inside of our bodies, deep within our ancestral women's wisdom, that will help us make the change we want to see.

What is it you're not feeling that your body is yearning for you to feel? What needs attention within that you've been distracting yourself from? What triggers you to reach for food when you're not hungry?

This is your soul doing its best to get your attention. This is the earth wanting you to do what you're here to do. And this is me inviting you to remember who you are. 

Our path as women to love our bodies and eat with self-kindness is so much more than just looking good. It's about transitioning humanity towards what we know it could be. 

And it starts within. 

If you know you're ready to let go of emotional eating once and for all, if you're ready to be brave and feel the feelings you know you need to feel, if it's time to let go of distractions, hiding, and playing small, and TIME to start living your purpose, your pleasure, your dream... to stand up and be who you're here to be—let's talk

Deep bow,