Live in Freedom

There was a time when I felt very stuck. 

I kept trying to get a grip on my life, but nothing worked.

I had a watchful eye on everything I did, everything I ate. I counted calories, I took laxatives or over-exercised if I went past my desired caloric amount (or even if I didn't). I felt totally out of control with money, and I put myself in self-compromising positions because I didn't know what boundaries felt like. 

Every morning I'd wake up and hate the way I felt. I hate the way I looked. I felt completely trapped in a perpetual state of self-hatred and inner shame. 

Unfortunately, this isn't very rare for a lot of people. When I first started this work, I was scared I might be the only one who secretly lived this way. Turns out, I've worked with hundreds of women who feel like this. Most of them are brilliant, sensitive, highly perceptive, deeply loving, and wildly creative. Women with talents or perceptions that were not always welcome in their families. Women who exercise incredible power in many aspects of their life, but still feel at a loss when it comes to food, money, or love. 

We need to remember that we are not alone. We need to free ourselves from hiding in our caves and talk about the deep, dark secrets that are weighing on us... Emotionally, and therefore physically  

That is why I have created Embodied Abundance—a sacred space for sisters to connect deeply, intimately, and truthfully. A space for us to free ourselves from our own limitations, our own hiding, and step into the light. A place to connect and remember that we're not alone. A space to heal, learn, and open up to receive all the abundant goodness Life has to offer us. 

We will listen to our heart's desires, learn to nourish ourselves in ways beyond food, love our bodies for the deep, ancient wisdom they provide, and connect with the moon and other cosmic bodies to notice the impact they have on ourselves. 

There is room for 8 women, with 3 spaces left.

If some part of this resonates with you, I invite you to schedule a call with me so we can explore together. I commit to exploring what would be most supportive for you - not simply selling my program. Alignment is our guide. 

You can also email with questions or read more about our group here.

With love,


P.S. Name change - I have been bouncing back and forth between Allison and Allie for ages, and I have decided to keep it simple. In all ways. One name, simplest lettering, most universal, easiest to pronounce, recognize, and write. Simplicity is so freeing!

If you know me as Allison and it feels weird to call me Ali, I will still respond to Allison :)