3 Ways To Make Any Meal Magical

Why have a boring meal when you can make it magical? 

I used to be really busy, so I ate really quickly.

If I was trying to be healthy, I'd gulp down a protein smoothie or hurry through a bag of baby carrots. If I was tired, stressed, or emotional, I'd stuff a bunch of carbs or sugar in my face and feel awful about it for hours. 

How we do anything is how we do everything. The way we eat reflects the way we are living our lives.

Was I rushing through my life to get to the next thing and periodically making unconscious choices that felt good at first but ended up biting me in the ass? Oh yeah. 

Did I put tremendous pressure on myself to be perfect only to sabotage my progress and feel awful about myself? Every day.

When I learned to make every meal magical—to enjoy what I ate (regardless of its nutrition facts), and delight in the mystical side of eating, my entire life changed. 

Waking up in the morning became magical. Taking a breath became a spiritual experience. 

When we eat, we are in a receptive state. We are digesting so much more than the food we put in our mouths. Our environment, company, thoughts, and feelings all get absorbed into our being and set the tone for our lives. 

Here are my favorite 3 ways to make meals more magical (even if you're busy) so that you can fully benefit from the act of feeding yourself and increase the everyday magic in your life: 

1. Be There While You Eat
You wouldn't want to miss out on something delicious, would you? So often, we are talking, watching TV, or preparing our next bite instead of tasting what we're eating. 

Every time you put something in your mouth, make sure you're there for it. You don't have to be in a quiet, zenned-out room to be present. Simply make the choice to 100% into your eating experience. 

Binges happen when one part of you desperately wants to be eating while another part of you desperately wants you to stop. Binges stop the second you choose to let yourself eat and become present for and open to the experience. 

Plus, when you are 100% present to eating, you start to become 100% present to life. 

2. Re-Sensitize Yourself
Many of us are so inundated with harsh lights, invasive media, pollution, hard concrete, and all kinds of electronic disturbances to the point that it doesn't always feel safe to use our senses fully... Especially if you're really sensitive like me.

Making meals magical requires re-sensitizing parts of you that you may have shut down to stay safe. 

We eat with more than our mouths—our eyes and nose play an enormous role in creating pleasure, satisfaction, and magic in our eating experience. 

Look at your food while you eat it. Notice the beauty of each bite. Smell it before you put it in your mouth. Not only will this feel deeply pleasurable, it will also help stimulate your saliva production, which will aid digestion! 

It may also help you figure out what you actually like and don't like.

Learn to open and close your senses to protect yourself. If you're extra sensitive like me, it may not be safe to keep your senses open all the time. Get support from me or someone else to assist you in learning to create safe environments to explore full sensory eating and how to stay grounded and protected in your everyday life. 

3. Thank Your Body
Before and after a meal, place a loving hand on your sweet belly—no matter what size it is—and give it thanks. So often we focus on thanking the food, but your body is doing a tremendous amount of work to KEEP. YOU. ALIVE. 

How magical is that?? 

Food is not the enemy. Our bellies are not the enemy. Food is delicious and our bodies love us so much. All our bodies want to do is help us survive and accommodate whatever we give them to their best ability.

So, even if you just stuffed down 10 donuts or mindfully sipped half of a green juice, send your miraculous body some love and gratitude.

It's the most magical thing you own.