Body Love and Moon Magic

Women's bodies are inextricably linked to the moon.

Embracing our relationship to the moon is key to knowing ourselves, feeling at home in our bodies, and understanding our place in the cosmos. Embodying our physical, symbolic, and energetic ties with the moon aligns us with our true creative nature and the wisdom of the birth-life-death cycle. 

A deep and mystical relationship with the moon can ignite our bodies' cellular memory of who we really are as women, our ability to bring life into this world (humans, projects, art, ideas), and the role of death as we let go of what no longer serves each month. 

Aligning our bodies with the moon brings us outside our daily drama and reminds us of our true feminine power. It unites all women everywhere and reminds us that together, we can create massive change in the world, like the majestic dance of the tides.

Like the moon, our bodies wax and wane each month. This pattern demonstrates the ever-changing nature of life, the power of creation and destruction, and the cyclical essence of time. The moon shows that our bellies are not to be scorned or judged as they grow, but rather to be celebrated for their reflection of the dynamic flow of life.

We can use moon's rhythms in sync with the wisdom of our bodies to create a life and world that we desire. As an embodiment coach and moon circle facilitator, I've had the privilege of witnessing all kinds of magic and healing from embodying a soulful relationship with the moon in sacred sisterhood. 

That's why I've created Mind Body Moon: A 6-Month Self-Study of our Bodies and the Moon, starting on September 20, 2016 between the lunar eclipse and autumn equinox. 

There is one seat left to join a sacred sisterhood of women to delve deeper into the mysteries of living in a women's body in relationship to the moon.

In this 6-month intimate group program, we will strengthen our understanding of and connection to our bodies, our feminine cycles, the lunar cycle, sacred sisterhood, and embodying the Wild Woman archetype.

We will meet via teleconference around the full moon and new moon each month for ritual, guided meditation, astrological insight, and truth-sharing. There will be time for individual support, and you will receive two 1x1 sessions wth me throughout our work together. You will also be part of a private Facebook community for support from your sisterhood community throughout the entire 6 months.

This work is ideal for women who are in life transition, seeking true purpose, or who are yearning a deeper connection to their body, spiritually-based authentic feminine relationships, and an understanding of the energetic nature of the moon.

What you can expect to receive:

· A deeper connection to and love for your body

· A more loving relationship with food, reduced cravings, and more empowered choices

· A more pleasurable, deep, and rewarding menstrual cycle

· A greater alignment with the energies of the moon, and an understanding of how they shift throughout the calendar year

· A powerful connection to nature and her cycles and changes

· More sexual pleasure, depth, and truth in your relationships

· Greater insight into the messages from your intuition, soul, and psychic powers

· Sacred space and ritual around the time of the moon to create magic in your life in any area

· Reduced anxiety, improved digestion, better sleep, and a sense of belonging in your tribe

· A wider, more radiant, and more open heart

· More positive abundance in all areas of your life

· New friends from around the world, and your place in an interconnected web of women who are diving deep into self-exploration and reconnection with their bodies, the moon, and their power as women

If this speaks to your soul and you are ready to dive deeper into the feminine, align your spirit with the rhythms of nature, and be held in the divine support of sacred sisterhood, claim your seat in the circle here

More information, including exact schedule and payment is also available at this link.

I am happy to connect with anyone who is curious but uncertain. Simply reply to this message and we'll schedule a time to Skype.

Let your heart guide your hand.