Diving Into The Pisces Moon

Today I felt very strange.

I felt like my whole body was made of lead.

I could't get off the couch—not even to eat.

After a while, I scanned my body to see what needed attention, and I noticed a tightness in my heart. I placed my hand there, and was suddenly hit with a vivid image of a drowning woman.

It was me.

On the couch, I cried and cried, gulping for air.

I suddenly got a text from a friend. I told her I was on the couch crying, and she called me right away.

She told she has having a similar emotional experience and reminded me that the full moon lunar eclipse is in Pisces. 

I instantly felt at ease. She helped me see that I was picking up on collective energies and propelled by the emotional tides of this moon to dive deep into my painful past.

Connecting to a sister and remembering the watery magic of this moon reminded me I was not alone. That I was not crazy. That it's okay to feel really low, to feel like you're drowning for no reason, to have wild emotions that don't "make sense."

Only a short while later, another soul sister sent me the forecast from MYSTIC MAMMA, which only underlined this further:

“To avoid too great a focus on the self, it will help to acknowledge a collective process of clearing and realignment rather than identify too deeply with what is, in fact, a wider issue.

"This eclipse reminds us the emotional realm may not be as personal as it first appears, for we each process our karmic share of the unified field, albeit within the unique emotional landscape of our life…"

We are not in this alone.

We can dive in together. 

I don't know what I would do without the amazing, tuned-in, sensitive, powerful women in my life and our collective, ever-ripening relationship with the moon. These types of relationships are something I feel many women would benefit from.

This is why I've created Mind Body Moon: A 6-Month Self Study of Our Bodies and the Moon. To create a safe space for women to connect and support each other and explore of the effects of the shifting energies of the moon on our bodies and lives.

There is room for one woman left, and I am offering this seat for a discounted price. If you are ready to dive deep, connect with a powerful group of soulful women, and rise to meet the moon from a place of self-love and blissful embodiment, send me a message now. Our circle starts on Tuesday.

With love,