Do You Want To Feel Safe In Your Body?

What does feeling safe in your body even mean?

A lot of women don't know what it means to feel safe in their bodies. Whether they are healing from abuse, feel objectified or uncomfortable in their femininity, or are at war with the shape or size of their bodies—feeling safe is a foreign concept.  

I recently held a Community Call where the women unanimously expressed they don't know what it's like to feel safe in their bodies (without the help of a snuggle buddy). And I remember a time when I didn't, either. 

I felt unsafe in my body for years, and especially unsafe being a woman. I hid my body, loathed my breasts and the attention they brought me, and wanted to literally chop pieces of myself off (like the breast reduction I had when I was 23). 

I felt so unsafe in my body that my digestive system seized up and pretty much slowed to halt, to the extent that I abused laxatives every day for 10 years. I also stopped getting my period. Everything at the base of my body—my root chakra—stopped functioning properly. I rejected my body and felt like it didn't look or feel at all like I wanted it to. I was terrified of living in it, and all my stress and fear would only cause me to eat as a way to feel safe and comfortable! Which only made me hate myself more... Can you relate to this?

It was by learning how to feel safe in my body again that I was able to stop stress eating, cure my addiction to laxatives, and get my period back. It was only when I started feeling safe in my body that I actually felt okay enough to come alive. 

How did I get there?

I've taken lots of powerful steps on my journey back home to my body. But the most powerful has been learning how how to hear my body speak. 

I've spent years working with coaches, reading books, and practicing embodiment techniques to learn how to tune into my body and listen to what it's trying to tell me.

Piece by piece, I have listened to each part of my body and the amazing life-giving message it has for me. Even my belly, which I hated for years, continues to provide me with incredible information when I listen to it. My belly never stopped loving me, even when I stopped loving it. 

Through learning to hear my body speak, I realized that each part of me has something deeply loving it wants me to know. And when I listen to parts that I hate or are uncomfortable, they stop screaming at me for attention. They quiet down. They soften, they feel better, and I feel okay. I feel safe.

Through listening to my body, I have come to realize how much my body is a vehicle of divine, unconditional love. It continually loves me and tries to keep me happy, safe, and alive the best it can. Every feeling I experience is an important message that is trying to tell me something helpful. Every ounce of fat is an effort to protect me. Every inch of my being is a supporter of my existence. Every inch.

Through my journey, I realize that I feel safe in my body when all the different parts of my body are heard. When I make space for all of me, when I'm not trying to pick myself apart or chop off different pieces of myself. When I tune in and hear the beautiful, life-giving messages of each different aspect of my being. I feel whole, aligned, safe and deeply connected to myself, to nature, to all things. 

If you want to learn how to listen to your body speak, to feel safe in your body, at home in your being, and ready to live your life in alignment with your WHOLE Truth (not just part of it), reply to this e-mail to schedule a Discovery Call with me.

I'll teach you the powerful technique of body listening I have learned over the years so that whether or not we work together, you will be able to take that with you and continue listening to all the amazing life-giving messages your body has for you. So you can feel safe in your body, too.