Do You Eat When You're Anxious?

I used to be a very anxious person.

I was crippled by stress, constantly biting my nails, grinding my teeth at night, making myself sick with worry.
I stressed about my weight, about my performance at school or work. I stressed about love, about when I would find my partner. And when I did have a boyfriend, I stressed about whether or not they really loved me. I wondered if my friends really liked me. I worried about natural disasters, rabid animals, terrorist attacks, my parents' approval, running out of money, not being liked, people judging me, and a million other things every day. Can you relate?
The only way I knew how to relax was to binge watch TV, eat myself into a numbing stupor, drink alcohol until I couldn’t feel my face, or do some other kind of reckless behavior that gave me a sense of freedom and abandon. Usually with uncomfortable consequences.
My anxiety got to the point where I couldn’t go to the bathroom without taking laxatives. Where my period stopped coming. My body didn’t know how to let go because I was holding on so tightly to control. Letting life move through me and allowing things to be released from my body felt too scary. I clutched and clung to whatever I could hold onto.  
When I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome a few years ago (a condition where your ovaries stop releasing eggs), I realized things needed to change. So I went on a mission to heal my body naturally. Not only did I learn how to eat intuitively and practice exercises that helped me feel good and get my period back, I also learned how to not be afraid of my body, to not be afraid of nature, to not be afraid of Life. And to let my anxiety go.
There are infinite ways to relieve stress. Yoga helps. Breathing helps. Nature helps. Even emotional eating helps, although there are side-effects that don’t always feel so great, like physical discomfort and weight-gain.
But what helps me the most is to remember that all my stress and anxiety is simply an indication that I am trying to control the flow of my life. That I am thinking I can do a better job than God/the Universe/Great Spirit/Life. When the truth is, all the best things in my experience show up when I let go.
When we make space, when we open ourselves up to Life, when we surrender to whatever comes—it’s in this space where the magic happens, where we find peace, pleasure, and joy. And where our bodies can feel safe enough to release whatever no longer serves us (waste, moon blood, tears, weight, etc.) It’s in this place where we no longer feel compelled to binge as an escape.
Who would want to escape from the sweet, blissful state of ultimate surrender?

Who would want to numb out from the miraculous flow of Life, that is waiting to give you something beyond your wildest imagination, if only you would let go?
If you’re ready to surrender and trust Life, your body, the piece of miraculous nature that you inhabit…
If you’re ready to step into a new phase of your life that is based on pleasure and deep listening to your inner sense instead of fear, comparing yourself to others, and anxiety…
If you’re ready to come home to your body and your power, and step up into your true purpose, let’s schedule a Discovery Call to explore if my support could serve you right now.