Mind Body Moon: A 6-Month Self-Study

Are you ready to go deep?

Are you yearning for a deeper connection to your body, the elements, and a more intuitive understanding of the moon and its phases? 

Do you struggle with accepting your body and eating intuitively with pleasure and without restriction? Is it all too easy for you to make poor choices and not know how to stop?

Is your heart calling for a safe space to connect with other women on this path of embracing our bodies, owning our femininity, rekindling our intuitive powers, eating with empowerment, and reunifying with our divine nature?

You're Invited To Join Mind Body Moon, a 6-month Self-Study Of Our Bodies and The Moon

Join a sacred sisterhood of women to delve deeper into the mysteries of living in a women's body in relationship to the moon.

We will strengthen our understanding of and connection to our bodies, our feminine cycles, the lunar cycle, sacred sisterhood, and embodying the Wild Woman archetype.

This self-study includes:

· 12 ceremonial 1-hour circle calls over the course of 6 months. We'll meet twice a month in sacred circle around the full and new moons, beginning on the Autumn Equinox and ending near the Spring Equinox. We will explore the energy of each moon and practice moon rituals and lunar magic collectively and based on our own personal desires.

· 2 individual 1-hour sessions with me. This is your change to dive deep into areas of your life that are yearning for transformational growth, and receive 1x1 support from a experienced coach who has worked with hundreds of women on stepping into their power, reclaiming their bodies and cultivating their divine connection to nature, psychic power, and intuition. 

· A Facebook Community of likeminded women to support each other and hold each other up throughout our journey together over the powerful 6 months we'll share.

What you can expect to receive:

· A deeper connection to and love for your body

· A more loving relationship with food, reduced cravings, and more empowered choices

· A more pleasurable, deep, and rewarding menstrual cycle

· A greater alignment with the energies of the moon, and an understanding of how they shift throughout the calendar year

· A powerful connection to nature and her cycles and changes

· More sexual pleasure, depth, and truth in your relationships

· Greater insight into the messages from your intuition, soul, and psychic powers

· Sacred space and ritual around the time of the moon to create magic in your life in any area

· Reduced anxiety, improved digestion, better sleep, and a sense of belonging in your tribe

· A wider, more radiant, and more open heart

· More positive abundance in all areas of your life

· New friends from around the world, and your place in an interconnected web of women who are diving deep into self-exploration and reconnection with their bodies, the moon, and their power as women


To dive deeper into the feminine, to align your spirit with the rhythms of nature, and to be held in the divine support of sacred sisterhood, claim your spot in the circle.

There is space for 12 women. Exchange is $333 USD/$440 AUD per month. Remove 10% from the total price if paid in full upfront. 

Calls will be held on Tuesday nights at 8pm EST. Recordings are available if you can't make every call.

HERE ARE THE DATES FOR OUR CALLS: SEPT 20 // OCT 4 // OCT 18 // NOV 1 // NOV 15 // NOV 29 // DEC 13 // JAN 10 // JAN 24 // FEB 7 // FEB 28 // MARCH 14

Claim your spot or find out more by replying to this e-mail. There is limited space, so please do not hesitate to reach out and express interest. 

Let your heart guide your hand.

With love,