Spiritual Hunger vs. Physical Hunger

There are some hungers that food can never satisfy.

One of the most common hungers I've encountered in my work as an Embodiment Coach is spiritual hunger.

Spiritual hunger has many forms, such as a feeling of loneliness, separation, aching emptiness, or the deep yearning for a [more] loving partner.

Clients often tell me that it's easy for them to turn to food as a way to cope with loneliness. That the emptiness, angst, and yearning in their heart is too great to bear, and food is a welcomed relief. A warm, constant friend who's always there.

I get it. I've been there. 

They tell me that if only they had a man in their lives, this hunger would go away. 

Again, been there.

Although this may be true for some, I know from my personal experience that having a boyfriend doesn't make spiritual hunger go away. 

Even though I have an amazing man in my life, he can never satisfy the part of my soul that yearns for so much more than his love and devotion. 

Spiritual hunger cannot be satisfied by anyone but yourself.

If there is a deep yearning in your soul for something more and you're not sure how to satisfy it, try this:

Decide on your own version of the divine. Let it come to you intuitively. For years I resisted the word "God" because my experience growing up Catholic didn't feel true for me. Choose a word or words that feel good to you—Great Mother, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, God, Allah, Arjuna, whatever. 

Invite this divine energy in. You can do this through ritual, ceremony, chanting, yoga, self-pleasure, dance, being in nature, listening, art, or simply inviting in any intuitive way that feels appropriate to you. If you'd like assistance or personal support, please reach out.

Practice making your body your temple to give this divine energy an appropriate home. Recognize your body as a temporary sacred soul suit that serves as a channel for divine energy. Treat it as such.

Realize that every single state and emotion that your temple experiences is holy. Whether it's rage, sadness, joy, panic... each sensation is a miracle, and all are welcome within. No part of you is wrong or not allowed. All of you is divine. You are experiencing the miracle of life being lived through you.

What does it look like to welcome all emotions and recognize your divinity in each moment? It means taking a break, going to the bathroom, and holding yourself next time you're upset. It means not beating yourself up for being emotional, and instead canceling your plans, taking a bath, and giving yourself the love and kindness you deserve.

It means calling on guidance and connection from the divine whenever you feel a hunger for something food can never touch.

Satisfying spiritual hunger is about acknowledging that you have a spiritual yearning in the first place. It's about prioritizing needs that may seem woo-woo, hippy dippy, or frivolous. It's about being your own best friend and remembering that you're never truly alone. That within you exists all the love and presence you'll ever need.  

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.” – Rumi