If I Love My Body, Is It Wrong To Want To Lose Weight?

I’m so grateful for all the amazing messages I received in response to my last post about how I have used weight as a way to play small.

So many women reached out to tell me they feel the same way, that they obsess over 5-10lbs, telling themselves they won’t start to date, get a new job, or make a big move in their lives until those pounds are lost. The weight become a barrier to doing whatever it is they know they want (or need) to do.

I also received a message from a woman who was triggered by my post. She said that the focus on losing weight started to make her think about wanting to lose weight more than loving her body as it is now.

This is something I would love to talk more about. Shouldn’t we love our bodies as they are, no matter what size we are? And, if we know we are emotionally eating and holding onto emotional weight, is it “okay” to want to lose that weight?

I had a conversation with my coach the other week about this. She expressed to me that even though she’s in the most loving and connected relationship with her body that she’s ever had, she also notices a kernel of wanting to lose weight lodged deep inside, an echo of a conditioned idea of wanting to be beautiful based on our culture’s weirdo skinny standards.

I can relate. I admit that sometimes I close my eyes and imagine my ideal body—lean, agile, tanned… definitely a healthier ideal than the skin-and-bones ideal I used to hold, but still something slightly different than the body I have now.

I’ve always wanted to be beautiful since I was a kid. And every day growing up, my brother called me fat and ugly. It took me years before I could look in the mirror and see a beautiful woman. All I used to see was fat, zits, and—honestly—deformity. I was literally convinced that I was deformed! To the point that I got 2 plastic surgeries to try to “fix” myself: my ears pinned back in my early teens, and a breast reduction in my early 20’s.

Now… now, I look in the mirror and smile at my reflection because I see beyond the perfectly imperfect, asymmetrical features. I see my light, my essential goodness, the sweetness of my soul, and my natural feminine radiance that finally feels safe and free to shine. I see ME.

And yet, every once in a while I notice that I want to look differently. And I know when that happens, it’s an invitation for me to soften, to put my hand on my belly, to get curious what what I really want.

Because here’s the truth: when I’m wanting to lose weight, what I’m really wanting to do is live my life more fully. When my attention gets fixated on my weight, what’s really going on is that I’m setting myself up to use weight as a barrier between my heart’s desires and taking the necessary steps to manifest them. Why? Because I’m scared to step more fully into my power.

So maybe if you notice that you are wanting to lose weight, emotionally eating, scared of breaking out of your comfort zone… Check in with yourself. What does your heart want for you that you’d rather not do? What deeper calling might you be shying away from? Listen.

A lot of times all that needs to happen to end emotional eating is to start living. Our bodies are acting out as an invitation for us to show up to our lives.

To get in touch with your own heart’s deepest desires and what steps you can take to make those desires a reality, schedule a complimentary discovery call. We’ll explore how you can start living more fully TODAY.

I spent years trapped behind a computer screen, inhaling popcorn and cashews, counting down the hours until the end of the day… going home to my apartment alone, and doing it all over again, and again, and again. So terrified that I’d never find love, that I’d never live the wild, adventurous life I longed to live. Food was my comfort, my love, my excitement, my adventure.

The weight falls away by itself when we start to show up to our lives. I left my job, started traveling the world with my dream man, and got in touch with my true passions, like coaching, writing, art, cooking, philosophy, and dancing.

The weight falls away when we’re brave enough to face the things we’re scared to face. And honestly I could never be so brave without the amazing support I have from my coaches, friends, and mom.

But the weight itself is just the invitation to come back to the body, to come home. To find out what we really want. It’s not WRONG to want to lose weight if you are trying to love your body. It’s simply an invitation to go deeper and live more fully.

Weight-loss or no weight-loss, how can we not fall in love with a body that continually invites us to show up to our lives?

If you’re curious about what could bring more fulfillment to your life, you’re tired of dieting and struggling with food, and you’re ready to let weight fall off naturally simply because you’re stepping more fully into your life and taking loving care of your body suit, schedule your complimentary session with me today. This could be the first step into the life your heart is longing for.