The Power of Pleasure

I used to think that feeling good without earning it was wrong.

I used to think that pleasure was dangerous and dirty, and that being a sexual being was something to be ashamed of.

I was actually felt so wrong about my sexuality, that I got a breast reduction when I was 23... I was embarrassed of my body and didn't want people to think I was sexy. I wanted to hide.

I spent years bingeing, abusing drugs and alcohol, and living in painful confusion about what I was and wasn't allowed to feel.

Thanks to some amazing teachers in my life, I started to realize how important it is that I let myself feel good.

I learned that feeling good wasn't something I needed to earn or run away from, but rather, pleasure is natural state of being. It's the place from which positive creation flows.

Looking at how plants grow towards the light helps me see that life is enhanced by what feels good.

I remember being scared that that letting myself feel good meant I would eat, drink, and smoke even more. I thought if I let myself enjoy sexual pleasure, I'd turn into a "slut." But when I started to experiment with feeling good, I realized that overdoing it with anything—food, drugs, sex—felt pretty bad. I realized that feeling good didn't require much at all, and that sometimes the most pleasurable thing in the world was just taking a deep breath.

I am so grateful to the incredible teachers who taught me how to not be afraid of feeling good, and to use pleasure as a way to bring more balance, productivity, and happiness to my life. To name a few: Shea AdelsonCoco Rosenblatt-FarrellSokhna Heathyre MabinNadine Lee, and Leyolah Antara... Thank you

I am passing the baton with my friend Kristian C Stephan-Martin. We've created a free call about how to embrace your own pleasure to enhance your life so you can feel SAFE in your body... And also: be more productive, make more money, enhance your health, deepen your relationships, and have tons of fun in the process.

This free call will be held on Monday, Feb 22, 7-8pm EST. Open to women and men.

We'd love to have you join us! We have lots to share about what we've learned on our journeys to embrace pleasure—both from a man's and woman's perspective. It should be fun!

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