When Women Love Their Bodies

What would the world look like if women everywhere knew there was no wrong way to have a body?

What if women felt allowed as they are? Without changing a thing?

“To confine the beauty and value of the body to anything less than this magnificence is to force the body to live without its rightful spirit, its rightful form, its right to exultation. To be thought ugly or unacceptable because one’s beauty is outside the current fashion is deeply wounding to the natural joy that belongs to the wild nature.” - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD
What if, instead of depriving food to fit into the current fashion, women ate when they were hungry, stopped when they were satisfied, and lived their lives between hungers? 

What would happen if, instead of overeating to feel better, women listened to their body's inherent wisdom and knew in their bones the validity of their emotional needs? What if they allowed themselves to feel, even if it meant embracing the heat of rageful anger or crying out in piercing devastation? What if women simply let themselves be and instinctively expressed their emotional states without using food to quiet or calm them down?
What if instead of dieting—women filled their lives with pleasure, passion, and love so that food became an afterthought—an enjoyable celebration of life that fueled them so they could continue to live freely from their hearts and show up to the world in sacred service?

I recently read an article about how people are done with diets:
“Susan Roberts, a professor of nutrition and psychiatry at Tufts University [says], ‘[Consumers] equate the word diet with deprivation, and they know deprivation doesn't work.’
“… As Jean Fain, a Harvard Medical School-affiliated psychotherapist and author, has noted, programs like Weight Watchers typically are just ‘a short-term fix and conditional support for long-standing eating issues" and can even exacerbate them.’” [Read full article at NPR]
Keeping ourselves in the deprivation of dieting not only makes us eventually gain all the weight back; it also keeps us occupied, distracted, and without adequate resources to fully live our lives and do the work the world desperately needs. 

Take a moment and imagine your life free of dieting, tracking, free of worry around body and food. What would be available to you? How would you spend your time? What would you think about? What would you do differently?

How might the world benefit from you?

Are you tired of dieting and ready to step into your power? Are you tired of self-sabotage and ready to make some lasting changes? Are you ready to SLOW DOWN and start eating and moving in a sustainable way that feels GOOD—a way that isn't based on calories, tracking, restricting, or diet foods... but instead based on authentic pleasure, satisfaction, and listening to your body's instincts and intuition? A way that will naturally help you step into your ideal body—and divine purpose—without deprivation?

Are you ready to start listening to yourself above everything else?

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With love,