5 Tips To Having The Most Body-Loving Holiday Ever!

It can be easy during the holiday season to fall out of sync with our body's natural rhythms. 

Especially if you're an empath like me and sensitive to the energies of other people, you may find yourself overwhelmed by parties, dinners, and other social celebrations. 

And—if you're like me—being overwhelmed in an environment packed with yummy treats can easily lead to overeating and body-hating. 

The following tips are for you if:

  • You are on a path of loving your body and want to stay connected to yourself over the holiday season
  • Your body's voice tends to get drowned out by the voices of the people around
  • You’ve decided to lose weight in the New Year, so the holiday season is "f*ck it" time 
  • Food is a big part of family and friend connection, and you don't want to be "rude" by not eating what people give you

I hope the following steps help you have a pleasurable and joyous winter holiday season. I also hope they show you that a deep connection to your body doesn't mean you can't have fun! 

1. Drink Plenty of Water
Alcohol can lead to overeating. Whether you're compelled to eat while you drink to help you stay grounded, or you feast on leftovers the next day to soften your hangover, many of us overeat due to drinking. 

To avoid this, either avoid drinking or drink plenty of water while you imbibe. This will help you stay grounded, so you'll be less likely to reach for food in an unconscious state. 

I also recommend having some nuts (unsalted) or other healthy grounding food nearby in case you feel your blood sugar drop and want to steady yourself.

2. Put What You Want On A Plate & Sit Down
If you're at a buffet-style party, place what you want to eat on a plate and sit down to enjoy it. Try to avoid having standing conversations with people while you're eating. Also avoid having conversations with people at the snack table, as you are more likely to reach for food if you feel awkward or antsy. 

When you eat, you are digesting more than just the food—eating puts you in a receptive state, and you are taking in your entire environment when you eat. 

For this reason, find a quiet, peaceful place to sit and enjoy your food. Sit alone or with people who's energy you find pleasing.

3. Practice Intimate Connection
Eating together is one of the oldest forms of human connection. But for some, it can be the only way they know how to connect.
Remember: just because others are eating doesn’t mean you have to.
I invite you to practice connecting with people outside of food-related activities. Look people in the eye. Listen intently without planning your reply. Get curious with who’s company you enjoy and make time to connect with them.
If you’re in a situation where you don’t want to connect with anyone (trust me, I’ve been there), connect intimately with yourself. So often, we eat as a way to escape social situations where we feel uncomfortable. Instead, try placing a loving hand on your body. Have a sweet conversation with your belly. Ask yourself what you need, and if that includes leaving, leave. 

4. Hide When You Need to Hide
 If you’re not in a position to leave, you have permission to hide. Find a bathroom, go outside for a solo walk, or sit in a quiet room and give yourself a hug. You are always allowed to take a time out. If you feel this isn’t true, ask yourself how you can make this true.
Very often, we use eating as a way to hide. To hide how we’re really feeling, the hide the natural beauty of our body’s shape, to hide our sexuality, to hide our power.
If you want to hide, hide. There’s no need to harm your body for wanting to take time out.   

5. Get Support
 You are not alone. There is an entire community of women who is working to care for their bodies and learn how to love themselves. 

If you know it’s time for you to start playing big in your life and no longer hide behind food, to love your body unconditionally and allow your natural beauty to emerge through self-kindness, to rebirth yourself into the powerful woman that you are, I invite you to my REBIRTH program, a 9-month Transformational Journey of Mind Body and Spirit.
Whether or not this is for you, connect with women in your community. Talk to your sisters, cousins, friends and mothers. If you hear them bad-mouthing their bodies, give them a hug. We are all in this together, and we can allbenefit from the body loverevolution. Every body deserves love, every time of year.