Relax Into Your Body's Happy Weight

A flower doesn't blossom under pressure.

You can’t yank a seed up from the ground and expect it to bloom.
A flower takes its time, feels into whether or not the soil has enough nutrients to sustain its life, and begins its upward journey towards the warm side of the earth. It must feel safe before it can blossom. So it is the same for our bodies' happy weight.
We must feel safe to allow our beauty to shine. We must feel safe to let our body’s natural shape emerge.
If we force ourselves to endure difficult workouts, follow restrictive diets, or shame our bodies for how they look, we are effectively trying to force our beauty to bloom, to pry our flower open.
It’s a huge energy strain, takes up a lot of mental space, and leaves us feeling exhausted.
Plus, if we DO lose weight from a restrictive diet (as opposed to self-loving, sustainable lifestyle change), it almost always comes back, thus perpetuating the exhaustion.
There is a legitimate reason for any weight on your body you dislike. It is trying to protect you. Excess weight may be an indication that your soil needs tending before your beauty feels safe to blossom. That perhaps more warmth and love are needed, more watery emotion is required to be felt and flowed through.
Our bodies are an outward manifestation of what’s happening to us on the inside.
Hating how your body looks keeps your beauty bud tight. It keeps your soil dry, and the warm, life-sustaining light of love away. 
Easeful, lasting, sustainable weight-loss starts from the inside. It starts by being willing to ease up on yourself, relax, show yourself love, and create a safe foundation so your beauty can bloom… effortlessly.
If this resonates with you and you'd like to discuss your own particular experience with stepping into your body's happy weight, schedule a first time Breakthrough Session with me.

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Whether or not we decide to work together, I hope your Breakthrough Session is valuable to you, and you walk away feeling more at ease in your body… And more safe to allow your beauty to shine.
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