I Was Addicted To Laxatives. Here's How I Finally Stopped.

I was addicted to laxatives for over 10 years. 

I was taking handfuls of pills every single day, and my body literally forgot how to pass food through on its own.

I was too embarrassed to seek professional help or even tell my friends. 

It was a really painful addiction and serious form of bulimia, which left my body yearning for the nutrients it needed. And left me feeling scared and alone. 

Then, a few years ago, everything changed. I followed a soul call to go to Costa Rica to get certified as a yoga teacher, and part of that experience included sleeping outside in the jungle. Every night. For a month. 

At first I was terrified! Bats clung to my mosquito net, monkeys howled nearby, and skunks kept eating my underwear! Not to mention a trail of ants continually found interest on, in, and throughout my pillow. WHY?

But something amazing and deeply healing happened sleeping outside in the forest like that. After a time, I no longer became afraid of my creepy crawly friends. In fact, I no longer feared Life itself.

I realized that if I let down my guard, the animals in that jungle didn't actually want to pester me. They just wanted to do their thing. I realized that the stress and neurosis that had been the baseline in my life (especially living in New York City) wasn't actually necessary. The manic cycles of work/party/coffee/work was keeping me in a loop of stress, fear, and desperation to push myself, work hard, and make more, more, more money. But why?

Lying there in the jungle, I softened into the earth and felt the truth that everything I need, the earth gives me. I have all that I need. I am safe. I can relax. 

And just like that, I stopped taking laxatives.

I stopped pushing and forcing my body. My body is an extension of the Earth... If I can trust her, why can't I trust me?

My entire digestive system softened. Within the next few months, my new baseline of relaxation and self-loving food choices allowed my innate healing energy to regenerate my insides and let things move naturally. My newfound understanding that there is truly nothing to be afraid of—even death, which is a natural phase of life—helped me trust and love my body. Enough to know it doesn't need pills to function. 

Spending time in nature is one of the most nourishing and healing things we can do for our bodies, minds, and souls.

I invite you to connect to nature in your own way. Either go outside, or tune inside. Your body is nature. I can help you tune inside and reconnect with your own inner nature so you can trust and love your body again. Click here to access my online calendar to schedule your commitment-free Breakthrough Session today. 

With love,