Feelings Over Food

Sometimes it's easier to eat than to feel.

Especially when the feelings your dealing with don't feel so great.

The other day, I was pacing back and forth in my Melbourne apartment, anxiously awaiting the results of the US election. My anxiety was high, I felt helpless and lost, isolated and homesick in a foreign country. 

For much of my life, these feelings have been too overwhelming or scary to feel, and I would often eat food as a way to escape them. 

Not only did the pleasure of eating feel good, but the fact that I thought I shouldn't be eating gave me a little "problem" to distract me from what was really going on.

Piece by piece, I began to reclaim my feelings instead of eat them away. I worked with an amazing coach who helped me identify the sensations of my feelings, listen to them, and hear how they were trying to help. 

I learned that each feeling we have is a messenger with something important to say. All parts within us are on our side, even if they feel self-destructive or self-sabotaging. There is a legitimate, life-affirming reason for anything we do or feel.

I learned that most often, uncomfortable feelings are warning signs, growing pains or indications for necessary course-correction. 

As the election results came in, I thought about turning to food. I thought about eating away the pain I felt for my fellow women, Mexican, Muslim, LGBTIQ, and non-white friends. I felt so sad and far away from everything. But more than anything, I felt anger. 

One thing I learned when I worked as a corporate marketing consultant in New York City was that certain foods are marketed to appeal to different mood-states. For example, crunchy foods or foods that are difficult to chew are advertised towards people who are angry. (Think Snickers or Slim Jims commercials that use loud, angry tones.)

From a young age, we learn to appease our feelings with food... To eat as a way to soften how we feel. But what if our feelings are essential aspects of ourselves? What if our bodies are trying to tell us something important? 

What if we need to course-correct? How will we know?

Now, more than ever, we must listen to ourselves. This is not a time to numb ourselves with food as a way to feel better. It's not a time to bash people or scroll through social media (unless it's truly serving you.) It's a time to go inward, feel our anger, sadness, celebration—whatever. Get curious with what's happening inside YOU. It's a time to be honest with ourselves, and honor the information that is coming through us, whatever it may be. 

Our bodies have the power to tell us the Truth. 

If you're ready to stop eating feelings away and start listening deeply to your Truth, sign up for a Body Love Breakthrough Session with me today.

This is for you if:

  • You're sensitive and tend to use food as a way to comfort yourself 
  • You're feeling emotional and not sure how to handle it
  • You know what is good for your body, but you often eat/do the opposite
  • Your feelings feel too "big" for your body
  • You're feeling confused, lost, or ungrounded 
  • You know there's another way to relate to food, but change feels impossible
  • You hate your body

If any of these resonate with you, sign up for a Body Love Breakthrough Session today. 

I'll help you take the first steps towards loving and listening to your body, in a totally safe and commitment-free setting. If it feels right for both of us, I'll invite you to join my coaching program so I can help you step into a body you love with ease.

Whether or not we choose to work together, I hope you walk away feeling more comfortable and at ease in your body, and better-equipped to listen within. 

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With love,