My Thoughts On Cleansing

Today I'm starting an 8-day detox cleanse. 

It’s the first cleanse I’ve done since I started treating my body with kindness, eating intuitively, and no longer restricting food.
In the past, I’ve done cleanses as a way to lose weight. Or as a way to get myself “under control.”  And without fail, I would either binge to “get everything in” before the impending famine, or I would eat non-stop for days afterwards because my body was so afraid of being without nourishment.
No matter what, I would always wind up feeling totally out of control, and like I sabotaged the week of self-control I’d cultivated while cleansing. I’d beat myself up and feel guilty AF.
So a few years ago, I stopped doing cleanses. In fact, I stopped restricting, dieting, or counting calories all together and started listening my body and what it wants.
Sure, I went through a period of gaining some weight as a part of the healing process (I was so excited to be able to EAT again!), but things balanced out and now I feel more beautiful, free, and in love with my body than ever before. It's like my natural figure finally felt safe enough to emerge.
Since my #1 rule is to eat what my body wants, going on a cleanse is a big deal for me. There are lots of things my body might crave that don't fit within the detox guidelines. 

But I’m ready to feel healthier and more vibrant. I want more energy. And above all, I want a deeper sense of clarity and insight… Greater awareness and intention for my business, relationships, and life. And I think a cleanse will help.
I’m curious to see what happens, but I’m already pleased to notice how much I’ve changed since my last cleanse years ago… To see how much I now trust myself.
I trust that if I feel too restricted, I will reassess. I trust that if my body starts telling me to stop, I'll stop.

I trust that my body’s wisdom is far greater than any rules or guidelines.
So we'll see how this goes!

Wishing you so much trust in your own body and all the amazing wisdom it has for you...