What Women Have Lost + How To Bring It Back

In many ways women have lost the freedom and power that comes when we feel safe as we are, in our bodies, in all our cycles... When we feel like our inherent talents are valued in our society. 

I see so many women whose intuitions and power have been drowned out by listening to marketing and trying to impress men… Women who try to make themselves small by trying to fit into an idealized version of what they think it means to be a woman.

I’ve been there myself.                                                                               

I used to be totally disconnected from my body. I was disgusted and ashamed of it. I ignored everything it told me. I had every kind of eating disorder and even got a breast reduction because I so deeply rejected being in a woman’s body.

But it’s possible to take our bodies back! If I can do it, anyone can.

Our inner wisdom, intuition, our ability to experience pleasure in all we do, to love the way we feel and look… These are natural feminine qualities to which we are entitled, and they can be revived. They are our birthright and they are never lost forever.

I have a whole new relationship with my body now. I adore it, listen to it faithfully, and feel more beautiful and stronger than ever in my life.

Contact me to learn more about my Body Wisdom sessions, where I offer powerful tools for listening to your body, re-accessing your own inner wild wisdom, and rediscovering how awesome it is to be a woman.

This work is ideal for women who feel disconnected from their bodies, and who struggle with compulsive behavior, body image, and enforcing healthy boundaries.

Tell me your story and let’s bring that inner wild woman back out where she belongs.