Pleasure Challenge!

This is the time of year when I start to notice how all my summer fun has affected my body.

As I move out of loose sundresses and back into jeans, I realize they don't quit fit the way they used to!

It's so easy to beat myself up for not being more mindful, for not listening to my body more carefully… But I remind myself that I had a FANTASTIC summer, and it was totally worth it. 

I traveled all over Europe, played with amazing friends, and did a LOT of celebrating. 

My carefree summer came to a sudden halt when I got back to Brooklyn and my landlord told me I wasn't allowed to rent out my apartment while I traveled. 

Renting my place through Airbnb had been an amazing way to help fund my adventures this past year, and losing that resource made me feel like my wings were clipped. 

But I also know I need this. I need to ground, to get rooted in one place for a while, and refocus my energy towards my heart's mission:

To help women love their bodies, embrace their sensuality, and reconnect with their inner wild wisdom.

So I'm kicking off this season with a 2 week Pleasure Challenge!

As we move into a season of more work and less play, it's easy for pleasure, fun, and feeling good to fall by the wayside. Let's challenge ourselves to find the pleasure in our work, daily practices, the clothes we wear, the exercise we do, how and what we eat, and simply living in a woman's body!

This will be a powerful challenge for those of you who aren't feeling good about how your body looks or feels right now. 

I've found that focusing on pleasure and letting myself feel GOOD has been one of the most effective tools in overcoming emotional eating and other compulsive behavior. 

Plus, focusing on what feels good makes you even more gorgeous than you already are! 

When you're filled with pleasure, your whole being glows with confidence, sensual power, and feminine radiance. 

The Pleasure Challenge starts on the NEW MOON this Sunday (9/13) and ends 2 weeks later, on the Full Moon (9/27). 

I'll be posting a photo a day on Instagram and Facebook of what brings me pleasure in my daily life, all under the custom hashtag #pleasurechallenge. 

I invite you to participate by posting pictures of what brings YOU pleasure in YOUR life!

So join me in my Pleasure Challenge this Sunday! Share your story and connect with an international sisterhood of like-mined women who are committed to feeling amazing in their bodies.