The Key To Loving Your Body


Happy Summer!

I have been enjoying nature for the past few weeks in New England, going to a couple of retreats and festivals, and realigning with the essence of my work. And the word I keep hearing is “soften.”
Soften into your body. Soften into whatever you are experiencing right now, in this moment. Take a breath and let yourself relax. You don’t need a reason to relax, but if you want one, remember what Bruce Lee said:
“Everything you do, if not in a relaxed state will be done at a lesser level than you are proficient.” 
So soften. Relax. Even if you are working. Even if you are in traffic or on the subway. Even if you feel the weight of the world’s suffering on your neck and back and in your belly. Soften when you notice you’re running around like a crazy person. Soften when you feel the urge to eat quickly or when you want to eat when you're not actually hungry.
I’ve read so many books on eating mindfully, tried so many diets, gone to so many workshops. And the key—the one thing that's helped me more than anything else—is to soften. It has been the cornerstone of coming home to my body, healing my relationship with food, and stepping into my ideal figure. 
So relax. Take a deep breath and know that you are capable of feeling every emotion that passes through you. You are capable of experiencing whatever comes your way. Soften. And when life feels too much, soften even more.
As one of my amazing friends Richele Henry recently reminded me: when our emotions feel too much for us to handle, we’re actually being held by them. We don’t need to fit them all inside of our bodies. We can soften into the experience of being supported by our feelings.
So soften, soften, soften. You don’t need a reason to relax. Take a breath and let your body soften. And if you’d like some support and guidance in this, please schedule a session with me. I’m trying something new with my pricing to make my services more accessible, so let’s chat and I can tell you what I’m up to.