Let Your Beauty Bloom

Our bodies need to feel nourished and safe in order to express their full beauty.

If we are not feeling nourished and safe in our lives, our bodies will be more focused on survival and self-protection than radiating beauty.

One of the most ingenious ways the body tries to protect itself is through weight. Weight is not inherently a bad thing. In fact, I invite us to appreciate our bodies' efforts in keeping us safe through weight, when other things in our life may not be giving us the protection we need.

If you are feeling like your current weight is uncomfortable, ask yourself how you can make yourself feel safer. Instead of getting angry at your body, consider how you can create the same kind of safe, nutritive, fertile soil that a plant needs to bloom.

What nurtures you? What makes you feel safe? Warm baths? Extended hugs? Creative achievement? Many of you know dancing is a big one for me. :)

If your weight is showing you that you need more safety and nourishment in your life, simply bringing your loving, compassionate awareness to your body will begin to soften its fear (especially if you tend to judge and punish your body, which only strengthens its desire for self-protection).

Appreciating our bodies' efforts at protection instantly relaxes us, helps us to feel more at home, and gives us the platform from which we can choose to fulfill our needs in ways beyond food.