If Only I Was Thinner...

I’m all too familiar with that tiny voice in my head that tries to convince me how much better life would be if I only lost weight.

The truth is, I’ve lost weight and life is still hard.

Unless it’s physically uncomfortable or debilitating, weight is not what keeps life from being awesome. When it comes to a few pounds becoming an excuse to not go out at night, to hold off on buying clothes till you’re thinner, to hold off on dating, on starting a project, on taking a vacation, on getting photos done, on whatever… It becomes a way to play small.
In my own life, I’ve hidden behind a couple of pounds because there’s a part of me that’s scared of being “big.” Not fat-big, but powerful-big. There’s a fear of being seen. Of being in a position of leadership and making a fool of myself. Of getting my heart broken. Of having my creative pursuits laughed at. Of failing so hard at life I won't be able to get back up. And obsessing over 5-10 pounds has given me a safe place to hide.
The thoughts that keep us eyeing ourselves critically in the mirror keep us trapped in smallness. These thoughts are what begin the binge cycle. On some level—conscious or not—wanting to be thinner keeps us focused on limiting food, tracking ourselves, working out for the sake of losing weight. All this restriction (conscious or not) sets us up for a binge. And that makes us gain weight. And the cycle continues.
The cycle ends when we are kind to ourselves. When we stop restricting and start eating according to our hunger and taste preferences. When we give ourselves a break and let our bodies BE. Exactly as they are. Right now.

The cycle ends when we have the courage to stand up and face our lives.
Imagine a world where women refocused the energy we spend on trying to change the way our bodies look? Imagine women using that energy to make art, grow gardens, raise free-thinking, passionate children, show up to the workplace fiercely loving, and actively live their purpose?
It’s my dream for women to experience what it’s like to release body criticism. The freedom, expansiveness, and joy that come from allying with the body and listening to it. The clarity, creativity, and productivity that come from having the inner resources available when we don’t “use” food. And the beauty that effortlessly emerges as the body assumes its natural, ideal weight.
Are you ready to show up to your life in a whole new way, start playing big, learn to eat what truly nourishes you, and step into your ideal figure?  
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