This Is For The Busy Bees

How fast are you moving right now?

How tense are your shoulders? How tight is your jaw?

Take a moment and let it go. Inhale gently and extend your exhale twice as long. Soften in your seat and slooooooww doooowwwn.

It's so easy begin to match the speed and intensity of the world around us, especially when we're using electronics. I get manic and neurotic when I am on my computer or phone for too long. It start trying to operate at superhuman speeds, and quickly disconnect from the natural pace of my body.

If you are busy, if you're feeling stressed, frenetic, or ready to reach for food or coffee for more energy, slow down. Take a moment to feel your body in space. 

One of the most important tools I've learned on my journey to heal emotional eating and reconnect with my body is this simple act of slowing down.

I practice slowing down when I walk, shower, clean, talk, work, make love, cook and—of course—eat. 

I look at my food. I smell it first. I chew thoroughly. I lean back and put my fork down between bites. I actually taste my food, and savor and relish in the experience of self-nourishment. 

It's deeply pleasurable. It feels more special. It's real and intimate. And it puts you in touch with a part of you that's able to make better choices for yourself than when you're in a state of stress. 

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