Today is my birthday, and I’d like to offer you a gift!

My deepest wish is for all women to feel at home in our bodies, to realign with our inner rhythms, feelings, sensuality, and personal power. To approach food from a place of soul nourishment and pleasure instead of restriction and guilt. To remember that our bodies hold the wisdom to answer the most important questions we have. To fall in love with how we look and feel, remember how beautiful we are, and know there is no wrong way to have a body.

So this year for my birthday I’m offering you a FREE Body Wisdom session ($199 value!)

All this week (till Oct. 10), you can sign up for a free, one-hour, over-the-phone session with me, where I help you connect to your body and hear what it has to say. These sessions are deeply insightful and healing, and can give you access to your OWN intuitive guidance around:

  • How to heal from emotionally eating, drinking, shopping, etc.
  • What is holding you back from the love you want
  • If you’re in the right relationship, career, city, etc.
  • Identifying your passion and purpose
  • What your heart wants
  • Healing from the past
  • Reclaiming emotions
  • Having the body you want

Yes! YOUR body can help you with all of this, and much, much more.

Plus, I’ll teach you powerful tools for how to check in with your body by yourself, so you can access its wisdom anytime!

Sign up THIS WEEK with a little love note about what you’re hoping to get out of the session, and we’ll schedule a time that works for both of us!

So much birthday love,