Honor Your Body Challenge Day 3: Intuitive Food Choices

Sometimes it feels like everyone's trying to tell us what to eat these days.

From weight-loss diets, to detox meal plans, to Ayurvedic dosha diets, to blood type diets, etc. There are so many different systems and methods of eating.

Telling people what to eat is literally a multi-billion dollar industry. What a revolution it is to eat intuitively!

Eating intuitively means letting our body tell us what it's hungry for. It relies on the body's wisdom to guide us towards what might be most nutritious, satisfying, and nourishing to our bodies in this moment... even if it flies in the face of the most recent health fad. 

Honor Your Body Challenge Day 2: Eating in Presence

Ok here we go. Day 2. Woohoo!

To me, eating in presence means truly enjoying my food. It means turning off the TV, putting away my phone, maybe putting on some tunes, sitting down with my food, and enjoying it. Alone. Without distractions. Not in the car, not on the subway, not hovering over the sink or standing in front of the fridge. 

When I first heard about mindful eating, I shook in horror at the idea of sitting down and focusing on my food while eating. I didn't think I'd make it. It sounded so BORING. And lonely. Really lonely.

Honor Your Body Challenge Day 1: Following What Feels Good

Our bodies' two biggest methods of communication are pleasure and pain.

Pleasure for what supports our life force, health, and vitality, pain for what doesn't.

Now you might ask: "If I just follow my pleasure, I'll eat all day, drink all night, and what's stopping me from going on a drug binge?" Well, the truth is, it doesn't actually feel that good to eat all day and drink all night. It makes us sick. And I've never gone on a drug binge, but I doubt it feels that great afterwards...?

Anyway, my point is this: our bodies show us what's good for us through what feels truly good, and not in a super dramatic or escapism way, but in a subtle, deep, and present way.

Let's test out my theory.